Progresive Poker Jackpot

About Jackpot


The Jackpot starting amount is 4000 EUR. To win the Jackpot you need to place bonus bet of 2 EUR and get poker combination “Royal Flush” or “Straight Flush” from first 5 cards. The lucky winner immediately gets 100% payout of the Jackpot amount. All other players at the table who have made a bonus bet during poker Jackpot winning hand receive an Envy bonus of 200 EUR.

In addition to the main win Poker Jackpot offers other options for winning with placed 2 EURo bonus bet:

3 of a kind – 20 EUR

Straight - 60 EUR

Flush - 80 EUR

Full house – 100 EUR

Four of a kind – 600 EUR

One bet, one combination – and the Jackpot could be yours!


Jackpot details

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