Olympic Casino Texas Hold'em Poker

About Game

Beginning of the game

The goal of the games is to get higher combination than dealer does.

Player can play either on one box or on several. Playing on more than one box, “open box” can be one, rest boxes have to be “blind boxes”. In case of "blind box", ANTE and BET must be placed before the cards are dealt. This poker can be played up to 6 boxes.

To start the game player must place bet on ANTE box. Dealer deals to players and himself 2 open and 3 shared cards in the middle of the table. At this moment player must make decision - continue game and make bet on BET field or refuse from the game and lose ANTE bet. BET is two times bigger than ANTE bet. When player has made  his choice, dealer deals two more shared cards in the middle of the table. Both, player and dealer, make best 5 card combination from 7 cards -  5 shared cards and two of their own cards.


If dealer has a game with a Pair of Fours or higher, his combination is compared with player’s combination.

If player has higher combination, than dealer pays BET 1:1 and ANTE bet according the pay-out table:

  • Straight or less 1:1
  • Flush 2:1
  • Full house 3:1
  • Four of kind 10:1
  • Straight Flush 20:1
  • Royal Flush 50:1

If dealer has smaller combination than a Pair of Fours, than player gets ANTE bet according pay out table.

If player has smaller combination than dealer, he loses ANTE and BET.

In Texas Hold’em poker there is an option to play Progressive Jackpot.

Additional info

Progressive Jackpot rules

Progressive Poker Jackpot is a jackpot system that links the Oasis poker, Texas Hold’em poker, Texas Hold’em Ultimate poker and Russian poker in Olympic Voodoo Casino and grows with every bonus bet. The Jackpot starting amount is 4000 EUR. To win the Jackpot you need to place bonus bet of 2 EURo and get poker combination “Royal Flush” or “Straight Flush” from first 5 cards. The lucky winner immediately gets the Jackpot 100% payout. Meantime all other players at the table who have made a bonus bet during poker Jackpot winning hand receive an Envy bonus of 200 EURos. In addition to the main win Poker Jackpot offers other options for winning with placed 2 EURo bonus bet:

  • 3 of a kind – 20 EUR
  • Straight - 60 EUR
  • Flush - 80 EUR
  • Full house – 100 EUR
  • Four of kind – 600 EUR

One bet, one combination – and the Jackpot could be yours!

General rules

  1. Player must hold all his cards above the table.
  2. Player is forbidden to disclose information about his cards to other players, also show his cards or look at other player’s cards and swap cards between players.
  3. Players can communicate between themselves in Latvian, Russian or English, communication in other languages is forbidden.
  4. After making an answer cards cannot be touched.
  5. Leaving table with cards of the table is forbidden.
  6. Table minimum and maximum bet is shown on screen at the table.
  7. In case of dispute of the rules of the game casino management’s decision is final.

Game details

Olympic Voodoo CasinoRīgaUp to 4 tablesTable Games

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