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The goal of Blackjack is to beat the dealer's hand without going over 21.

When playing Blackjack the numeral cards 2 to 10 have their face values, Jacks, Queens and Kings are valued at 10, and Aces can have a value of either 1 or 11.

Player can play on one till seven fields (boxes). On one box at the same time can play up to 3 players.

Every box is dealt two cards but dealer one. When players have collected necessary number of points, dealer takes card for himself. Dealer always follows the rule: take card on 16, hold on 17.

If player’s cards points sum is bigger than dealer’s, player wins and gets payout 1:1

If player’s cards points sum is smaller than dealer’s, than the bet is lost.

If player has equal points sum with dealer, then bet remains.

If player’s cards points sum is more than 21, bet is lost.

If dealer’s cards points sum is more than 21, all players win.

If player’s first two cards are 10+Ace, then that combination is Blackjack and is payed 3:2.

Deciding of his cards player has options:

  • Take or not to take card.
  • Make Split: If first two cards are equal value dealer offer split. It means adding equal amount of starting bet dealer will split cards making two different games. Split can be made up to three times. If player splits aces dealer deals one card per ace. If combination makes Ace+10, it's not Blackjack but 21.
  • Make Double: making double means add equal amount of the bet and receive only one card. Double can be made on every two cards except BJ. In case of split there is an option of double also, except split of Ace's.
  • Take Surrender: It is an option to take back half of the bet refusing from further game. If dealer’s first card is Ace refusing from the game is not allowed. Also, in case of split there is an option to surrender. Surrender is not available if aces are split, blackjack is obtained, the dealer’s first card is an Ace, or next players have already drawn additional cards.
  • Make Insurance: if dealer’s first card is an Ace, there is an option to insure box from dealers possible Blackjack. In case of dealer’s Blackjack all the bets lose but insurance is payed 2:1. If dealer has no Blackjack, insurance loses, and game continues as usual.

In Blackjack game there is an option to play bonus game Super Pair and /or 21+3

Minimum and maximum bets differ from table to table, which have the relevant information on the screen at the table.  

Additional info

Blackjack at Olympic Voodoo Casino has two extra games - "Super Pair" and "21+3". To participate, for each of the extra games it is mandatory to put a base bet and bet on the extra game. A minimum and maximum bet is indicated on each table. “Super Pair” and “21+3” bets must not be higher than the base bet. “Super Pair” and “21+3” are played regardless of the outcome of the game.

“Super Pair” wins if the first two cards are paired. Following combinations for which a “Super Pair” win is payed:

  • Any card pair: 5:1
  • Single color pair: 10:1
  • Single suit pair: 30:1

One suit pair for the client, as well as the same dealer's first opened card: 50:1

The “21+3” extra game only plays on the first two cards and the dealer's first card. “21+3” win if the player's first two cards and the dealer's first card make up one of the following 3-card poker combinations:

  • Flush - three cards of any one suit payed 9:1
  • Straight - three cards in a row payed 9:1
  • Trips - three equal cards. They can be of different suits. Payed 9:1
  • Straight Flush - three cards of the same suit and in a row payed 9:1.

Game details

Olympic Voodoo CasinoRīgaUp to 6 tablesTable Games

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