American Roulette

About Game

The aim of the game is to predict in which number the roulette ball will land in every spin of the roulette wheel. There are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel. 18 of them are black, 18 are red and 0. The game takes place with colored chips that can be purchased at the table. The value of the color chip is determined by the player. The value of the chips must not be lower than the table minimum and must not exceed the maximum.

Color chips may only be used at the table where they were purchased (exchanged), and may not be played on other tables. At the end of the game, they must be exchanged for cash chips that can be exchanged for cash at the  cash desk.

When the dealer says "Please Your Bets!", Players can start placing bets on the layout. After the dealer announces "Thank you, no more bets!", bets can no longer be placed. Any bets placed too late will be returned.

Payouts are as follows:

  • Straight Up- one specific number(including 0) 35:1
  • Split - one of two specific numbers 17:1
  • Street - one of three specific numbers 11:1
  • Corner -one of four specific numbers 18:1
  • Six Line -one of six specific numbers 5:1 
  • Dozen and Column -one of twelve specific numbers in a block 2:1

Even money Bets:

  • Red-black; even-odd 1:1
  • Betting on numbers 1 – 18 (Low Bet), 19-36 (High Bet) 1:1

If the winning number is 0, the bets on dozens, columns and even-money bets are lost.


Additional info

Track is one more option to bet. Numbers on track are placed at the same order as on roulette wheel. Playing on track, bets can be placed on sectors and on neighbours. If the bet is placed on one of four sectors all of the numbers which are in this sector are playing. In case of winning, payout depends of position of winning number. 

Bet on neighbours means that in game participates 5 numbers - chosen number and it's neighbours, two at each side. If neighbours are winning, on lucky number 1/5 from initial bet is placed and pay out 35:1. Bets that are less than table minimum are returned. Bets that are higher than table maximum are played till the maximum of the table and change is returned. Table minimum and maximum bets are shown on the screen. In case of dispute of the rules of the game casino managements decision is final.

If the player wishes to quit playing the dealer will exchange the roulette chips for set value casino chips that may be used for playing at other tables of Olympic Casino or cashed in at the cash register. 

Chips may be bought for cash at the table. When buying chips from cashier, you may pay by a credit card. The cashier also exchanges foreign currency. 

Minimum and maximum bets differ from table to table, which have the relevant information on the board by the table.         

Game details

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