Weekly Rewards Bonus

During the week from Monday to Sunday, earn Rewards points and receive the Weekly Rewards Bonus Promo the following Monday!

The process:

The offer is valid for Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP Gold customers.
Minimum weekly Rewards Bonus Promo amount is 5 EUR
(must earn 125 points during the week).

Maximum weekly Rewards Bonus Promo amount for Bronze and Silver
customers is 500 EUR. Gold and VIP Gold customers - 3000 EUR.

Each Rewards Bonus Promo voucher is valid for 14 days.

You can get a Promo Coupon for playing on slot machines OR Promo Chips for playing table games (OC@Kempinski or Olympic Voodoo Casino only).

The transition period to the new Weekly Rewards Bonus calculation system will take place from 01.08.-28.2024.