Corporate Social Responsibility

Olympic Casino Latvia

The goal is to achieve sustainable levels of business activity, which is possible by implementing fair and reliable business activities that are based on the company’s own core values and the involvement of any parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint.

Olympic Casino Latvia is a socially responsible company which focuses on understanding the importance of protecting the overall interests of its customers, staff, and society in general, as well as environmental protection where it pertains to the framework of its activities.

Olympic Casino Latvia considers corporate social responsibility and sustainability to be interrelated concepts which imply that the company is responsible in terms of its activities when it comes to relations with any parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint, whether this be in terms of its staff, customers, owners, cooperation partners, the local community, or state institutions, by including public and environmental issues in its activities on the basis of undertaking a voluntary initiative and providing information on the best practice for its business activities. The company’s sustainable activities are possible only by implementing responsible corporate social management processes. A management working group is approved to be able to plan goals for corporate social responsibility, as well as being responsible for the organisation and coordination of activities.

Olympic Casino mission is to give our guests a customer orientated, secure and safe environment with the finest design and craftsmanship, unparalleled in the industry and supported by the excellence of our name and reputation.

Our vision is to be a global casino and resort operator, best known for our excellent service and creative design.

Olympic Casino core values are:


• We have guests, not customers - we treat our customers like guests in our homes 
• We always try to exeed our guests´ expectations – we love the job, we do more than is expected of us, we support our team and give more than 100%
• We are champions in what we do - we are proud to offer the best service in the gaming industry, our people are the best and we support their development



• We always offer the most secure environment– we have a deserved reputation for high security standards and well developed responsible gaming programs
• We take care of our own – we take responsibility for our own actions and always support our team
• We are good citizens actively supporting the community through our participation in regular charity programs and deserving causes



• We communicate with a smile – in addition to our wide choice of games and winning programs, we entertain our customers with a smile on our faces and in our hearts
• We enjoy every moment – we enjoy working in our teams and with our colleagues, work is play and smiling employees smile to the guests as well



• We create positive feelings – we share with our guests the joy of winning and we support them if they do not. We try to ensure that spending time with us is always a winning experience
• We promote initiative – there are always ways to improve our product and our service, we reward initiative and encourage great ideas that will benefit our company, our guests and our staff.




The Estonian joint-stock company, Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG), is a parent company of Olympic Casino Latvia, and it owns 100% of the company’s shares.

OEG began operating in September 1993, in Estonia, when it also started to use the “Olympic Casino” brand. In 1998, OEG was certified according to the international ISO 9001 quality standard.

In 2013, OEG subsidiary companies were operating in six countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Italy.

OEG management council and supervisory council

Olympic Casino Latvia SIA (OCL) is Latvian subsidiary of the largest gambling organizer in the region - Olympic Entertainment Group AS (OEG), which is based inEstonia.  OEG started operation in Latvia, in 2002 by purchasing a gambling operator "Casino Daugava", which was located in hotel Radisson SAS Daugava (now - Radisson Blu Daugava). OCL operation was significantly expanded in 2005, when OCL purchased the gambling operator "Baltic Gaming". On August 22, 2014, the Board of OCL decided to reorganize the company by way of merger, and in the result company Altea Ltd. was acquired and added to the acquiring company - OCL. The reorganization process was completed on December 23, 2016, and resulted in a significant increase in the number of casinos owned by the OCL.

On July 30, 2013, OCL received interactive gambling license that gives the right to organize gambling on the internet. Since August 1, 2013, OCL offers its customers internet gambling throughout the Latvian territory, under the trade mark "OlyBet". On September 6, 2013, OCL received gaming and betting stakes reception license which gives the right to open gaming and betting reception points. In 2016 a total of 12 gaming and betting reception points were opened in the OCL casino premises.


By the end of 2016, more than 300 employees chose Olympic Casino Latvia as their place of work. The company’s achievements depend on its staff. We ensure the recognisability and success of the company in our daily work. Our task is to create a holiday in everyday life and provide a great atmosphere in our casinos.

We will always be happy to have with us creative, joyful colleagues who understand the importance of high quality customer service and are able to provide such a service. 

The aim of Olympic Casino Latvia is to provide a competitive salary, the opportunity of receiving a high quality health insurance policy and other social guarantees for each employee, and the offer of bonuses for achieving both individual and team goals. The entire team meets up to take part in shared events twice a year, in sporting games in the summer and at the annual Christmas party. 

Olympic Casino Latvia supports the initiative of its staff and its own participation in social support and charity activities, clean-up campaigns, sport and healthy lifestyle promotion events. 

Since 2010 Olympic Casino Latvia team participates in Riga marathon and the company pays a membership fee and provides an uniform for all employees and their family members who participate in marathon.


In order to provide our guests with a service of a unified quality standard, a quality management system has been introduced in Olympic Casino Latvia since 2004.

Olympic Casino Latvia has set unified requirements in all of its automatic gaming and gaming table casinos regarding the services provided in them.

It is important for Olympic Casino Latvia to provide an invariably high level of guest service as set out in the company standards with the aim of providing an unforgettable casino adventure for each and every visit by its customers, thereby encouraging long-term cooperation, promoting the loyalty of regular guests, and attracting new guests.

Good service – this is an endless improvement process in terms of the services being provided and the awards that are received, endowing a company with an even greater sense of responsibility concerning the service improvement process.

The opinion of each of our guests is important for us, and it is on the basis of these opinions that we aim to improve of the quality of our services. We would like our guests to provide their references, proposals and comments on our service in one of the following ways:

  • by filling in a reference form in our casino,
  • by calling the reference phone number on +371 678 78 678 and leaving your auto-reply message,
  • by filling in the feedback form on our website. 

Olympic Casino Latvia carries out a customer satisfaction survey by making inquiries once every two years or more often when necessary in order to discover the suitability of the services being provided and the company’s response to customer needs and wishes.

Olympic Casino Latvia protects the confidentiality of their customer data. Customer data at the Company’s disposal are stored and used in compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Latvia and in line with customers’ privacy rights.

Business environment

Thanks to its activities and the good example it displays, Olympic Casino Latvia wishes to promote fair commercial activity practices and a responsible arrangement of the business activity environment in Latvia.

It is important for Olympic Casino Latvia to ensure that its cooperation with suppliers corresponds to the company’s sustainable activity principles, and it expects these principles to be observed by its cooperation partners. When deciding on whether to begin a cooperation agreement and during the entire period of that cooperation agreement, the company evaluates the conformity of its cooperation partners against the following criteria:

  • The conformity of the provided product or service quality with the quality standard set by Olympic Casino Latvia.
  • Observing laws and regulatory acts in its activities.
  • Following the principles of openness, ethics and honesty in its business activities, both in terms of its relations with its staff and with external parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint by ensuring that everyone concerned observes fair practice in terms of commercial activities. 

Nonconformity with some of the aforementioned criteria is considered to be a valid reason for suspending a cooperation agreement.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the sustainability principles, Olympic Casino Latvia establishes mutual cooperation processes with various organisations and state institutions.

  • Olympic Casino Latvia is a member of the Latvian Association of Gaming Business (LAGB). The LAGB represents the interests of most of the companies that operate in the gaming business in the state and public sector, and its aim is to facilitate the common development of the Latvian gaming business.

    Since 2006, the LAGB has been a member of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. In 2010, the LAGB signed a Memorandum on the Principles of Corporate SocialResponsibility, along with another 21 organisations.

    The memorandum explains the definition of corporate social responsibility and its principles, describes the largest audiences having impact on the company’s operating, and sets out further challenges in the field of corporate social responsibility for Latvian society. The last of these points could include, for example, increasing the number of companies which report their best practice at the national level by using the sustainability index, or at the international level by joining the UN Global Compact.
  • Olympic Casino Latvia is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. The American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AmCham Latvia) is the leading foreign chamber of commerce in Latvia, and its members are both those companies which have direct commercial links with the USA, and other international and local companies which support the AmCham Latvia mission and its goals.

    The AmCham Latvia mission is to promote and strengthen commerce, investments and partnership between the USA and Latvia, to serve as a forum for business activities, knowledge exchange and communications for its members, and to ensure the improvement of business activities and the investment environment in Latvia.

    The goals of the AmCham Latvia are to serve as an initiative centre which serves to promote the improvement of the business activity environment, and serve as an example of the establishment of sustainable commercial activities.

    In 2006, Olympic Casino Latvia signed the LAGB self-regulating code of ethics and undertook to implement it in its everyday activities.

    By becoming a member of the AmCham Latvia, Olympic Casino Latvia has accepted and undertaken to observe the AmCham Latvia Statement on Good Corporate Citizenship.
  • By meeting the set criteria, Olympic Casino Latvia has been included in the In-depth Cooperation Programme by the State Revenue Service. The aim of the programme is to promote closer and more efficient cooperation between the taxpayer and the tax administration by reducing the administrative burden.


Olympic Casino Latvia is a socially responsible gambling operator which duly informs people about gambling-related risks, as well as participating in projects and implementing them in the field of public support.

The company has set the following priorities for implementation in public support programmes:

  • support for the less protected members of society;
  • public education on the prevention of gambling addiction;
  • environmental clean-ups;
  • support for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The activity of Olympic Casino Latvia in the field of public support is focused on those events which would generally facilitate the promotion of public health matters and life quality issues by reducing the risk of the impact of its activities and implementing support measures.

Public Support Project

Olympic Casino Latvia (OCL) objectives - sustainable development and responsible business - are based on the company's core values and stakeholder involvement.

One of the components of public support policy is the involvement of local community life. Being aware of the impact of their activities and evaluating the essential problems of the local community from the perspectives of business and stakeholders, OCL has identified priority support areas for the support of the local community: environmental improvement, promotion of healthy lifestyle and prevention of addictions.

In order to realize this, the OCL annually invites to submit projects aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and safe and orderly environment. Projects can be submitted in certain municipalities where the company operates.

Basic conditions for projects applying for support:

  • supported projects are aimed at environmental improvement and enhancement, and promotion of healthy lifestyle in cities and districts where the company operates;
  • project implementer must be an association or foundation;
  • planned support for one project is maximum EUR 1500 (in some cases it may be decided on the increase of the grant);
  • given support may also be co-financing.

One project is selected in each city or municipality and it will receive the OCL grant.

Participants in the final evaluation are Chairman of the board of OCL, Manager of the Marketing and Service Development, Quality Manager and OCL staff, consulting with representatives of the particular local municipality as far as possible.

In the decision-making process the eligibility for OCL objectives and principles of support policy for local community are evaluated, as well as the positive impact on local communities is evaluated.

To submit a project, the project description – filled out application form – must be sent to e-mail address: .  Documents should contain a maximum of 5 pages. Pictures can be added as attachments (format: .jpeg, png, bmp).

Results will be published on the company's website. Winners will be informed via telephone or email.

In cases if no projects are submitted in accordance with the requirements, application deadline may be extended in certain municipalities.

Telephone for additional information: 67892975 (Liene Krastina).


Social Support Projects implemented in 2018,

  • Improvement of child care and primary school leisure facilities and surrounding area in Valmiera city.
  • Improvement of children's playground in Madona district.
  • Renovation of technical equipment and materials for Liepaja Diabetes Society.


Social Support Projects implemented in 2017

In 2017, considering the activity of the previous years, OCL announced the submission of project proposals for the receipt of support in the following municipalities: Cēsis, Daugavpils, Jēkabpils, Liepāja, Madona, Ogre, Rēzekne, Saldus, Sigulda, Valmiera. A total of 17 proposals were received from the municipalities of Jēkabpils, Liepāja, Madona, Ogre, Rēzekne, Saldus, Sigulda and Valmiera. 

In 2017, after the assessment of the conformity of the projects to the determined criteria, including the sustainability of the project and long-term benefit for the local community, OCL, in accordance with the established procedures, granted support to the following projects, which were implemented.

  • In Madona Municipality, Prauliena Rural Territory, a playground was developed, promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle among the children of the rural territory and providing the opportunity for the wholesome spending of free time.
  • In Saldus, 5 Skrundas Street, at the Family Support Centre, where children aged 6 - 18 spend their free time after school, additional sports equipment and devices were purchased and installed, thus promoting high quality and meaningful spending of free time of children and youths.
  • In Valmiera, the active recreation equipment was improved and supplemented at Daliņa Beach, thus developing a beach volleyball initiative and creating new and wider opportunities for active recreation for the adult and children population of Valmiera, as well as the guests of the city.


Realised public support projects in 2016

In 2016, OCL announced the call for project applications for receiving support in the 12 municipalities where the company operates: in Cēsis, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Jēkabpils, Jūrmala, Liepāja, Madona, Ogre, Rēzekne, Saldus, Sigulda, Valmiera.

OCL, by evaluating the conformity of the 2016 applications to the basic criteria, granted support in the specified order, and the following projects were realised:

  • In Cēsis, for the establishment of a pasture, for the natural grazing of sheep, in the territory of Rucka Manor’s park, in Street Piebalga. The aim of the project is to provide an ecological management for the park and restore the park’s biodiversity, while at the same time creating an open and a beautiful park landscape for the citizens of Cēsis.
  • In Daugavpils, for replacing the flooring and windows in the kids club “Fortūna” of the Children and Youth Centre “Jaunība”, in realising the project’s aim to improve the environment of the children and youth’s leisure activities.
  • In Jēkabpils, for creating an open-air table tennis court in the territory of the Family Support Centre, thus providing an opportunity for the youth of the centre and nearby apartment buildings to spend their time in a healthy manner while outside. 
  • In Liepāja, for making a “Barefoot Trail” in the territory of the Liepāja Christian preschool institution, thus promoting and ensuring the improvement of children’s health and well-being in the long term.
  • In Ogre, for the renovation of the environmental object – group of sculptures “Sprīdītis” and for landscaping works of the surrounding area.
  • In Saldus Municipality, for environmental improvement works in Oskars Kalpaks Museum, located in Zirņi Parish – museum’s Strength Trail received a pleasant rest area and also existing objects were improved. Wooden tables and benches were purchased for creating the rest area, the base was covered with a brick flooring, the campfire site which is often used by the visitors after activities in the museum’s territory was improved. During the project, also the Strength Trail, which is about 500 meters long, received additional objects that promote physical activities – wooden sword lifting, rope obstacles, as well as the Strength Word Tree. 
  • In Sigulda, for improving the recreational area that is open for the citizens. Stage 2 – outdoor exercise machine, which can be used by 3 people at the same time, was installed in the territory of Laurenči primary school for promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Public Support Projects implemented in 2015

In the beginning of 2015 OCL announced project submission for support in a number of municipalities where the company operates: Cesis, Sigulda, Valmiera, Saldus, Jelgava, Jurmala, Ventspils, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Rezekne and Ogre.

After evaluating submitted projects in accordance with the basic criteria, OCL granted support and realized the following projects in 2015:

  • In Saldus municipality: breed rabbits viewing ground “Lutriņu trušmīļi” was installed, supporting the work of association “Trušmīļu skola” in Lutriņi. The objective of association is to educate children on rabbit breeding and care, as well as to create an educational attraction for all children, adolescents and adults in Saldus district.
  • In Ogre municipality: a public ground for leisure activities – outdoor gym was installed in Meņģele School territory for  promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyle.
  • In Cēsis: a public ground for leisure activities – outdoor gym was installed in Pastariņš primary School territory for  promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyle.
  • In Sigulda: a public ground for leisure activities – outdoor gym was installed in Laurenči primary School territory for  promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyle.
  • In Jūrmala: a public ground for sport and leisure activities was improved by expanding the existing volleyball field, installing another volleyball field, making territory improvement in Sloka (square between streets Year 1905, Laidzes and Skrundas) for  promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyle.
  • In Liepāja: Children center courtyard, on Bāriņu street 11, was improved and preparation works for children playground was carried out, thus giving the opportunity to implement a social program for children from disadvantaged families: courtyard was paved, top soil was imported and greenery was landscaped.

Public Support Pilot Project implemented in 2014:

  • In November 2014 the first OCL Public Support Project was implemented in Saldus, by funding the installation of playground and basketball hoop installation on Kalnu Street 22.

Responsible gaming

Olympic Casino Latvia is aware of the impact of gambling on society and the related risks, including gambling addiction. 

In order to reduce the possibility of this risk arising, Olympic Casino Latvia carries out preventative action by placing warning signs and information in its casinos that make it clear to customers that gambling may lead to a gambling addiction, and the company also distributes information booklets that contain a self-control test, along with information covering where to turn to for help if it becomes necessary. Such information is also available to customers on the company’s website.

Olympic Casino Latvia supports public education in terms of the various addictions and also supports events that can prevent such addictions. Olympic Casino Latvia is a member of the Latvian Association of Gaming Business which implements various public support projects on behalf of the members of the association, including those that are related to the gambling impact risk. The association and Olympic Casino Latvia provides support to the society, “Be Free!” (“Esi brīvs!”), which organizes educational events for youths and their parents on addiction-related problems and their prevention.

The aim of the society is to address youths, their parents, their teachers, and society in general by popularising the opinion that being free from any addictions is stylish and much more interesting than being dependent on apparently pleasant actions, substances and processes.

According to “Esi Brīvs!” (Be Free!) statistics, from the moment the association was founded in 2006 until 2017, it has organised more than 1 800 courses and according to the association's data more than 35 000 students and 3 500 adults have participated. The association also organises educational workshops concerning addiction prevention and publishes articles dedicated to the issue.


In order to implement priority objectives set in public support policy, Olympic Casino Latvia cooperate with organizations and support their activities.

  • Since 2010, Olympic Casino Latvia has been cooperating with Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija (RMHC) by placing donation boxes in their automatic gaming casinos and other casinos. The donations that are collected are spent on the Caremobile, which is a twelve metre-long modern vehicle that has been kitted out to provide diagnostic and preventive medical services. The Caremobile physicians from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital provide free health care for children in the regions of Latvia where the receipt of specialised paediatric medical care is hampered.
  • Every year the OCL gives donations to the “Esi Brīvs!” association for the implementation of addiction prevention actions.
  • In recent years the OCL has donated to: “Rowing and Tourism Centre of Latgale” association, “Culture Projects of Latvia” association, “Latvian Basketball Association”, the establishment of the “Enthusiast Foundation”, “Basketball School Ventspils” association, the establishment of the “Sports Club Valmiera”, as well as given support to “Animal Shelter Ulubele”.
  • Every year the OCL gives donations to the “Esi Brīvs!” association for the implementation of addiction prevention actions.
  • In recent years the OCL has donated to: “Rowing and Tourism Centre of Latgale” association, “Culture Projects of Latvia” association, “Latvian Basketball Association”, the establishment of the “Enthusiast Foundation”, “Basketball School Ventspils” association, the establishment of the “Sports Club Valmiera”, as well as given support to “Animal Shelter Ulubele”.


Olympic Casino Latvia considers that its activities cause a natural and environmental impact in general. Therefore, as far as possible, the company must reduce any unfavourable consequences by ensuring the preservation of the environment for future generations.

To ensure the provision of the service, Olympic Casino Latvia uses power. Power ensures that the company’s basic activities can be carried out, meaning the operation of all of its gaming equipment and appropriate lighting in the casino gaming table and automatic gaming premises. The company has set the aim of reduce its power consumption by replacing old lighting equipment and installing energy-efficient lighting equipment, as well as mounting automated lighting systems wherever possible.

Olympic Casino Latvia has concluded that considerable power consumption is caused by the company’s ventilation and air conditioning systems. Olympic Casino Latvia has set the aim of improving and replacing these systems with more environmentally friendly equipment by making the necessary investments and selecting equipment with higher levels of energy efficiency to be installed throughout. The company is also installing frequency converters in the air ventilation and conditioning systems where it can in order to provide the desired result in terms of reducing power consumption wherever this is technically possible. 

In the framework of the implementation process for administrative and support functions, Olympic Casino Latvia uses paper. The company has set the aim of reducing the amount of paper that it uses in its daily work by replacing paper use with electronic information and digitising its data, as well as by making environmentally-friendly procurements by acquiring environmentally-friendly stationery.

Olympic Casino Latvia sets out the aim of ensuring that waste sorting in the company’s head office and around the gaming tables and automatic gaming casinos is improved as far as possible by ensuring that waste is divided as appropriate into recycling or disposal materials. 

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