Voodoo Day

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At Olympic Voodoo Casino all days are your lucky days! The promotion "Voodoo Day" takes place in Olympic Voodoo Casino on slot machines and table games. Earning 1000 - 4999 Bonus points you will receive 100 Lucky Chips; earning  5000 - 9999 Bonus points, you will receive 200 Lucky Chips. Earning 10 000 Bonus points and more you will earn 300 Lucky chips.

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Olympic Voodoo CasinoRīgaBonus pointsCampaign typeActivePermanent

Start Date
January 1, 2020
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First time at casino!

Going to Olympic Casino for the first time is exciting, because we will offer you a great introductory package and a 30% discount at the bar.
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Olympic Casino Card

The Olympic Casino club card is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy unprecedented benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns.
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