Campaign "Bring a friend"

About Campaign

The process:

  1. The promotion will take place in all Olympic Casino Latvia from 1.06.-31.08.2023.
  2. Customers who have Bonus, Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP Gold or Diamond status can participate in the promotion.
  3. Existing OCL customers, bringing "friends" who have not previously been registered in OCL, will receive a bonus in Bonus points for their turnover:
  • Gold, VIPGold, Diamond status clients – 50% of the monthly turnover of the brought client;
  • Silver status clients – 30% of the monthly turnover;
  • Bonus, Bronze customers – 15% of the monthly turnover.

The bonus in loyalty points for the previous month's turnover of the new customer will be credited in the next month until the 5th, depending on the status.

Until 5.07. – on the turnover of a new client BP in June;

Until 5.08. – on the turnover of a new client BP in July;

Until 5.09. – for the turnover of a new client in August.

One customer can receive a bonus for a maximum of 10 "friends" during the campaign. Loyalty points earned on gaming machines and gaming tables are considered in the campaign. To receive the bonus, the new customer must earn at least 100 BP in a month.

*For additional information, contact the staff.

Campaign details

All casinosLatviaBonus pointsCampaign typeJun 01 2023Aug 31 202331.08.2023

Start Date
1.june 2023
CLUB REWARD card holders